A.Mishea is a visionary that constantly aims to expand her knowledge and share her experience of life with the world. She often thinks about improving the world around her and gives us a gateway with her art and creations as she portrays the world through her eyes. She explores various mediums and techniques to create amazing compositions with surreal detail. With inspirations as diverse as pop culture, Dali, van Gogh, anime, Frank Lloyd Wright, Di Vinci, and Luis Royo, her art shows a dreamlike moment in time that resonates with the void in our souls. This takes us one step further from emptiness and propels us toward adventure and exploration. 
An award-winning artist from the beginning, A.Mishea began her career in her community as a young girl. She volunteered for youth and religious groups in impoverished neighborhoods to encourage art over violence and creative careers among the youth. She completed murals for churches, schools, and community organizations. She went on to study as a dual major in Architecture and Fine Art for the University of Texas in San Antonio. A.Mishea began her military career in the US Navy, where she went on to complete many murals, commissions, and designs. After her time in the Navy, A.Mishea continued to the Art institute of San Antonio.
A.Mishea left the military with many scars, not all visible. She spent her time healing, creating, and cultivating the artist she has become and the vision she has created. Despite her disabilities and minority status, A.Mishea perceivers through her art.  
Recently, A.Mishea is getting back in touch with large scale art. Her subject matter has become more pronounced, exhibiting her original context of astounding portraits and or immersing the viewer within intense moments in time.  
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